onsdag 11. mai 2011


This amazing analogue fan is called the Windmaker and is created by dutch designer Luc van Hoeckel. The driving cog mechanism is inspired by the traditional cuckoo clock.When you lift up the weight the wooden blade begins to spin, circulating air and refreshing your room in minutes. What is great about this fan is that it doesn't need electricity! 
This fan is not only pretty to look at as a sculpture piece, but it is environmentally friendly and useful at the same time. It is made out of Oak wood and has a very natural appearance. I really like how the fan looks like a clock, but really is something totally different. This fan shows how you can take inspiration from something classic with a different purpose and function than what you are planning on creating. I really love this fan, I would much rather have this hanging on my wall than an old metal fan hanging from my ceiling. 
If you want to see more from the designer or read more about the Windmaker, you have to visit www.lucvanhoeckel.nl.

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