mandag 16. mai 2011

6 is for blossom

You might think that this is just a wall-decoration with words that illuminates. The 6 is for blossom is not only decorative, it is a word clock that tells the story of passing time. It is designed by Mouna Andraos from Missmoun, and the text is co-written with Emilie Grenier. They got their inspiration by a text by German poet Herman Hesse ("Eloge de la viellesse"). "At any given time, 3 words are lit up, one for the hour, one for the minute and one for the second, endlessly re-writing new sentences for every second that passes." is the description from the designer.

I think this idea is so clever, and this would be perfect for an empty wall that you didn't know what to do with. This is highly decorative, beautiful and deep, but also has a functionality to it, which I think is incredible. Even though I read the explanation of how this clock works, I don't think this would be the most practical way to tell time. But, I do think that this is one of the most gorgeous clock I have ever seen. This clock is an eight foot square, so you better have some room for it if you were to have it at home.
If you liked this creation or want to see more from the designer, you have to visit

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