fredag 27. mai 2011


This is the Writable coffee table and it is designed by china-born, sweden-based Tianyu Xiao. The Writable coffee table incorporates flippable chalkboard tables into its surface, permitting the furniture to be used at any moment as both a table and a communication tool. Chalk is always available because of its built directly into the panels, and is ready for access.
"How can a piece of furniture make people more communicative? Writable is a unique table that allows messages to be easily written onto table surface. It creates a new way of communicating and enhances the relationship between people in real life, offering possibilities for different kind of people to use it in a way that suits them; especially those who are not good at communicating with other people face to face. Meanwhile, the marks and doodles can be seen as a symbol of their particular lives." is how the designer describes the table.
I really like this table, and I really like everything about it. The special details such as the built in chalkboard makes the table really stand out. Though the structure, the wood and the whole look of the table is beautiful in its self, its undeniable that the multi-function of it is the icing on the top! I don't know how many people would have a lot of random writing on their coffee table, but for those who would, the Writable is just perfect! And plus, from a design point-of-view the table is genius. 
If you would like to read more about the Writable or the designer, you have to visit

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