tirsdag 25. januar 2011


Swedese is a Swedish designchain that specializes in tables, sofas, chairs and benches. A lot of their furniture is very simple in color and materials with elements of color and fabrics, and they are very good at making special furniture with simple shapes. Swedese's furniture is suitable in almost every home, and it's good for those who doesn't like to experiment too much, but wants to have special furniture in their home. One can say a golden midway? Here are some photos from their catalog:
//Chair: Cruiser, Kirkby Design Relax 12 //Sofa: Gap Lounge, Sirtoli Sore CS 402 //Table: Breeze, Vitlaserat ask
//Chairs: Olive Wood, Eik //Table: Olive, Eik //Hooks: Hanahana vägg, Svartlaserad ask
//Sofa: Gap Café, Tyg Kirkby Design Relax 19 //Table: Open, Vit laminat //Chairs: Rodrigo, Vitlack
//Sofa: Accent, Tyg Gabriel Europost //Chairs: Desirée, Sittdyna ljus //Table: Desirée, Vit kompakt 
//Chairs t.r.: Cruiser, GU Amdal 110 //Chair t.l.: Cruiser, Amdal 130
//Bench: Log, Eik //Table: Beam, Eik/Glass //Chairs: Olive wood, Eik
Find out more and look at more catalogpictures at www.swedese.se

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