torsdag 31. mars 2011


I posted a blog about the Drops Poufs earlier today, and I told you about a chair version of these poufs. Here is the chair Drop, and it is also designed by Camilla Hounsell. I think this chair is so pretty to look at, and I love the different ranks of blue and off corse the grey and the green just popping out. The color palette is as beautiful as it was on the Drops Poufs. If you want to learn more about this norwegian designer, visit

Origami Pillows

A pair of beautiful Origami Pillows from Urban Outfitters. Sometimes the tiniest details make the biggest difference, so why not invest in a couple of pillows that stand out? If you want special pillows with a cute print or shape, visit!

Phat Knits

This is the Phat Knits series, and it is designed Bauke Knotterus. This series consists of furnishing witch is made out of giant threads to knit or just create different knots and shapes. the Phat Knits series has a lot of relaxation furnishing, and these do look really comfy to hang out on, sit on, lay on, sleep on, sit on, etc.
There is a lot of different pieces and variations of the Phat Knits, and one of my favorites are the blue hang-out furniture on the picture above. You can roll it together when its not in use, and roll it out when you want to relax and hang out. Also, it reminds me of a classic blanket but a lot more comfortable and thicker layer of fabric to sit on. It is also very cool that its actually knitted, and that you see the masks and the pattern it is knitted in. I would really like to know how they managed to knit with such thick threads!
To see more variations of these fun Phat Knits, you have to visit


This is the D40 lamps from Paola Petrobelli, and I think these pendants are so beautiful! The reason for the extraordinary appearance of the glass is because of the Murano glass, witch gives the pendant pretty shading and hue. I also like that the pendant is shapes as a light bulb, but that you can see the real light source inside of it. And a huge plus is that you can get the lamp in a lot of different colors, so that it'll match your home and taste. If you want to see more, you have to visit

Vanity Table

This is the Vanity Table and it is designed for Roderick Vos by Linteloo. What's special about this table is that is has nine surface compartments so that you can put your favorite magazines and pictures on display. Also, it has full size storage space underneath for other magazines or papers you would like to store. 
This is really a cool piece of furniture, and it would be guarantied to freshen up any room or space. I like that your magazines actually becomes the top of the table, and that it becomes sort of a collage with different front pages of the magazines. If you want to see and learn more, you have to visit

Classic desk with an upgrade

This is the Office Desk and it is designed by Kevin Krumnikl. Their idea is to transform individual ideas into contemporary designs. They take one or more classic pieces and make it into something new and special, just like they did with this office desk and chair. 
This desk has a lot of features of classic design, but with this small hidden drawers and foldable desk gadgets. This obviously makes the design a whole lot more exciting and special, and also more usable and smart. This desk takes up a smaller amount of space than a regular desk would, and also you don't have to clutter your desk space up with paper and pens because of the brilliant gadgets and holders hidden around the desk. Also, you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your chair, because it is attached to the desk and folds right in when you're done sitting on it.
To see more of Kevin Krumnikl's designs and ideas, you have to visit

Drops Pouf

These are the Drops Poufs and they are designed by norwegian student Camilla Hounsell. She is currently working on her Masters degree at Oslo Academy of Arts, and it seems like she is going to be a product designer. The Drops Poufs are inspired by the art of tassel-making, and consists of an inner tube witch is wrapped with colorful and recycled ribbons.
I think these poufs have a beautiful composition of colors, and I love the grey ribbons that just pop through the reds, oranges, pinks and purples. I think this design is fairly easy, but yet so special because of her beautifully chosen color palette. It also look very comfortable to sit in, so that is a huge plus! Also, these poufs give me a retro feel from the age of the hippies, and so that can't be bad? This can certainly be a great edition to a plainly decorated home.
To read more about this up-and-coming designer, visit She also has a chair similar to these poufs that I will make a blog about later.

onsdag 30. mars 2011

Napoleon Sweets

These are the Napoleon Pillows and they are designed by Eva Nip for Spell for their Sweets Collection. It was designed by 2009, and is an addition to Eva Nip's previous and sweet designs. Eva is originally a fashion designer, and thats why she pays extra attention to the fabrics and materials in the furniture, accessories and things she designs. 
I think these pillows are so sweet (literally), and I love the candy-like colors Eva's chosen for them. I don't know if this is something I would want to have in my living room, but they are so fun and cute that I think they would be perfect for a little girls room, or maybe for someone with the love for the asian style of fashion and interior. 

Either way, I think you should visit, and look at more from Eva and the other designers. They have a lot of other cute furnishing and accessories if you liked these pillows!

Pantone favorites

I told you that I would show you my favorite Pantone mugs, and here they are. I naturally like the ones with my favorite colors the best, and some of my favorites are yellow, grey and aqua blue.
As i wrote in the last post about the Pantone mugs, I really like them and they are one of my favorites. I'm going to save up to buy some of these, and to start with I'm going to buy my absolute favorite colors. I also like it when you have different kinds and shades of one colors, like different ranks and shades of blue or yellow. That way, you get a feeling that the mugs are in a "set" and not a lot of different mugs in random colors. 

 To see some more colors, you can visit

tirsdag 29. mars 2011

Prost Geometrica

I found this fun chair from twentytwentione, and its called Prost Gerometrica and is designed by Alessandro Mendini. This chair is hand carved from beech, hand painted and has a special designed fabric with a lot of fun colors.

This chair really remind me of the circus, with the special mix of traditional design and crazy colors and fabrics. If you want to see more, you have to visit

mandag 28. mars 2011


Look at this amazing supersized chandelier! This is the Neo-Baroque from Atelier Abigail Ahern. It is made out of wire, and I think the result is so different and beautiful at the same time. I'm not the biggest fan of chandeliers, but this one i love! It has all the classic qualities to it only with a modern and new twist to it, just as I like it. I also like the fact that you can see the construction of a chandelier and how it is built up. You can get it in either white or metal grey, medium or large, and if you want to learn more you have to visit

The easy part is buying it.

I found this amazing video on youtube about how the Eames shell chair was built. I think it is really fascinating to see how these chairs are actually made and built up. What a process! I wonder if this is how its done today...

Eames Elephant

This is the Eames Elephant and it is designed by Ray and Charles Eames in 1945 for Vitra. This is actually a kids toy, and it is originally made out of plywood, but is now redesigned and available in plastic. You can get it in many different colors, such as classic red, light pink, dark lime, ice grey and white. My favorites are the wooden one and the red one, and maybe even the ice grey one (because it reminds the most of an elephant's original color). The Eames Elephant is very robust, and is designed to be played with, even outdoors. I love this Elephant, and I think it is very cute with its oversized ears, long trunk and tiny tail. It is so beautifully designed, and its such a classic! I'm definitely going to own one, one day. If you want to read more, you have to visit the wonderful world of one of my favorites

søndag 27. mars 2011

Owls, clouds, cupcakes and flowers.

Look at these fantastic lampshades I found at Honkydory Home. What is so fun about interior design these days is that everything is allowed! Nothing is too loud, to colorful, to much or to ugly (although you have to remember that there is a limit to everything). People like the strange, the different and the things that may to be "classic" or "clean". 

Go a little crazy, dare to use loud patterns and bold colors. I think these lampshades are pretty, cute, cool and stylish, and I would definitely use this with some "plane" furniture, white base and basic design. To see more shades like these, visit

Cabinet of Curiosities

This is the Cabinet of Curiosities (Tout Va Bien Cabinet) and it is designed by the two graphic designers Antoine Audiau and Manuel Warosz for BD Barcelona Design. This is just an amazing piece of furniture, and the cabinet reminds me of a fairytale with all its different carvings.
It has a mixture of applied arts, hieroglyphic language, contemporary graphics, fantasy and optimism, and they say that it is produced with the quality of yesterday with using today's technologies. The best of both worlds. You can get this cabinet in either white and dark grey or in black, I think both are equally beautiful.

This is just a work of art, and I can't help but to feel nostalgic when I look at it. Visit to see more.


This is the Tree Stacking Cabinet from Chigo, and it is basically three stackable dressers put on top of each other. Each dresser has two drawers each, and fit on top of each other perfectly. It goes without saying that this is a piece of furniture that is made for you with a small space to work with.
I like the color combination with the grey, white and yellow and the light wooden frame and the slightly darker wooden knobs. I also like that you can see the pattern of the wood through the different colors, and I think the idea behind the Tree Stacking Cabinet is pure and easy genius. Off course, you can also use the drawers separately if you'd like.
  You might not understand much of Chigo's asian website, but just incase:  

lørdag 26. mars 2011

Light Shadows

These beautiful and simple pendant lamps are the Light Shadows and they are designed by Ingegerd Råman for Orrefors. These are simply just filaments and lightbulbs with special shapes on them so that they cast amazing shadows when they are used as the main light source. The different shapes and patterns you can get on your Light Shadows are Confetti, Swirl, Line, Loop and Star. You can also get them with either black or white socket and as ceiling lamps, floor lamps and table lamps.

I think the design of these lights are so pretty, and the shadows they make are incredible! The Light Shadows will surely make the atmosphere in the room so calm and relaxing, and not to mention cozy. If you want to learn more, look at more variations of these lamps, you have to visit
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