fredag 20. mai 2011


These pendant lamps are called the Treis and they are designed by Benjamin Hubert for Italian firm Kundalini. The designer has been experimenting with manufacturing techniques that are common in the automotive industry. The lamp is produced at a car panel production facility and is built from recycled aluminum with an injection with moulded polycarbonate diffuser. This is the same material that is used when building a car headlight, and this allows the lamp to reflect light in the same way. 

"Treis is a strong, yet lightweight pendant lamp designed using aluminum pressing to attain a non-oblique shape that both allows visual lightness and freedom of form." says the designer. I think the Treis lamp has a lot of good qualities to it, and the fact that the shape is so rear makes you take an other look at this beauty! I like that this lamp has been inspired from something that has so little to do with interior design, and that it still manages to have such a great end result. This shows that you rally can take inspiration from any aspect of your life, and that the sky is the limit. The colors are so beautiful, the shape is original and the lamp in its self is a real eye-cather.  

Again, I really love idea-sketches, and I really like that you can see the thought process of the designer! If you look closely you can also see the evolving of the lamp from the start to the end. If you want to see more pictures of this lamp or see other designs, you have to visit either or

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