onsdag 6. juli 2011


This table lamp is called Cudepoule and it is designed by Claude Saos in 2011. This table lamp has a wooden base and shading made out of bright yellow fine felt fabric. It's measurements are 25x23x11 cm, and would be a medium sized attribute to any home. Sadly, this is just a prototype, but I hope to see it in production in the near future! 
I really like the simplicity of this lamp! The cross in the base that carries the whole structure, and the lamp shade that is resting on the angle from the stem. An other smart detail is the way the cord is included in to the design, so that the electrical cord is not only for practical use but also for visual reasons. If you like the Cudepoule and want to see more of it, or more from the designer, you have to visit www.claudesaos.com.

tirsdag 5. juli 2011

Licor Cafe

This set is called the Licor Cafe and it was designed by Thomás Alonso to specifically hold the hand made liquor made by his father, Enrique Alonso. Licor Cafe is the name of the liquor, and also the set to honor the special beverage his dad has been making for many years. The set consist of one bottle and five glasses to serve five friends around the table. Each friend can pick the glass of its choice, but none of them have to worry: Each glass holds the same quantity of Licor Cafe. The licor is a traditional recipe from Galicia in North West of Spain, Licor Cafe is made from Orujo, coffee beans and sugar. 

I think that the Licor Cafe is a beautiful set, and is perfect for serving or just having out as decoration. The thought behind it is really beautiful, and the fact that the designer wanted to honor is father is precious! I like that the materials he chose is as natural as glass and cork, and the little note on the bottle is a nice little detail that creates a whole in the set. My most favorite thing about the Licor Cafe is that all of the glasses have different shapes, but contains the same amount of fluid.  
If you would like to see more pictures of Licor Cafe or read more about the designer, you have to visit www.tomas-alonso.com.


This is table is called James, and it is designed by Ilot Ilov. This small, three-legged table is a true servant that can be set up at any given place. There is no need for a tabletop because one single plate can be turned into an individual tray. You can use a plate, a bowl or a vase. The wooden sticks keep everything in balance while the rubber-topped tips stops the objects from sliding away. James is made out of ash wood, synthetic rubber and steel, and it comes in the colors white and nature (wooden). It is a 100% hand made, and is produced in Germany.
I like both the idea and the execution of this tripod, and this type of furniture is something we don't see a lot of in the interior world. Think how great it would be to have somewhere to place any given object, right where you are standing/sitting/lying. If you like having your breakfast in bed, James will be your best friend. And after use, the effective butler is store without effort, because it folds easily back into a handy format. You can obviously use this for practical things, but just imagine how many things you could put on display with this table! The sky is the limit, and you can try anything you would like. What a great way to explore your options!
If you would like to see more from Ilot Ilov or James, you have to visit www.llotllov.de.

mandag 4. juli 2011

Urban Collection

These chairs are the Urban Collection and they are designed by danish Søren Rørbæk for Oliver Furniture in 2010. This collection is specifically designed for teenagers, and it consists  of a table, a bench and a chair. The table is very simple, and it is designed for the modern teenager's bedroom. It can be used in a very feminine room, as well as in a rougher environment. The bench is perfect for sitting together while being in front of the computer. The chair is tiny and simple, and can easily be put a side. Even two chairs around a table will be discrete and take up minimal space. Oliver Furniture is even thinking about expanding the collection with a bed, other types of benches, racking and shelving. The collection in produced in two different sizes.

I really like this collection, and what I like the most about it is no surprise: The different colors you can choose from on the legs of the bench, chair and table. It's always a big plus when you can choose from a range of colors to best match your room or your home. Its an even bigger plus when the colors are as amazing as the colors the designer has chosen. The white top on all of the furniture is beautiful with a small angle, which makes the design even more special. The neutral and natural wooden color you can choose is perfect for a person that wants very delicate colors, and the strong and bright colors are perfect for someone who likes their home to stand out. Something for everyone!
If you like the Urban Collection and want to see more from the designers or from the collection, you have to visit www.oliverfurniture.dk.

lørdag 2. juli 2011


Look at these fun Boxes I found! They are from Fabrica Features and are distributed by Seletti. What I think is the really fun part about these boxes is obviously the prints and graphics that are on the lid of the box. Each box has different pictures and figures on top, that represent what you are storing in that box. For example: A box with a camera on it, is storing photos. A box with kitchen appliances on it, is storing cooking recipes. A box with a suitcase on it, is storing traveling things. Pretty genius, right?
I really love these boxes, and the idea behind it. I like that it is so simple, so easy and yet so beautiful and creative! What better way to remember where you put things, than to have different prints to represent them on top of the box? You'll never have to open a million different boxes to find that one thing you were looking for again. I would like to own these in every kind they've got, and I would have them on display so that everyone could see how cool they are. I guess because I love graphics, these really appeal to me.  
Each box is made out of metal, and has a print on top of it in either a pretty color or in just black. You can get them in so many different styles and prints, that you are bound to find one that you like. I think that we have so much stuff just cluttering up our homes, and we just put them away in a closet or in a drawer.... Or worse, let them lie around for everyone to see. Why not put them in a pretty box, so that you know where your stuff is, it helps you organize better and it makes your home clutter free!
If you like these fun boxes and want to see more variations of them you have to visit www.fabricafeatures.com.

Jump Lamp

This lamp is called Jump Lamp and it is a floor lamp designed by french designer Claude Saos. This is a medium-sized lamp that is supposed to resemble a hybrid animal. The long neck and the flat foot render an animated lighting form. What is great about this lamp is that is uses a liquid-cooled LED light bulb and is constructed with a ceramic shade. This means that this lamp does not create heat - no heat will come from the bulb and no heat will escape from this thick shade. The body is made out of wood, and the eye-catching yellow inside the lamp is painted directly on the ceramic shade.
I really, really like the top part of this lamp, but not so much the bottom. It irritates me that the base of the lamp has this shape and color, and I would totally love this if it weren't for that. I would like it so much more if it was round or square, and had a white, black or wooden color... Something about the bottom part does not appeal to me. But what I do like about this lamp is the yellow bright color inside the shape, the wooden structure and last but not least the grey tone of the outside of the lamp shade. It reminds me of concrete! A fun little detail is the little screw that you can adjust the angle with. 
If you like the Jump Lamp too, or want to read more about the designer or other products, you have to visit www.claudesaos.com.
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