fredag 20. mai 2011

Candy Table

This table is called the Candy Table and it is designed by UM Project for ICFF 2011. This is a small, playful and colorful side table that is the ideal complement to UM Project's popular Miking Stool. This table has solid birch legs, which is one of the first details you will notice when you look at the Candy Table. The MDF top comes in a range of colors from black, grey, white, teal, pink, yellow, safran or even custom colors if you want. 
This table is so cute and colorful, and because of the range of colors this table could be in a children's room or in a grown-up area. My favorite thing about this table is the bottom of the legs where the material is solid birch. I like that half is wood and half is color, and in my opinion that is the most beautiful part of this furniture. It is always a big, big plus when you can pick and choose the color you like the best, and it also appeals to more people that way.
If you like this table or want to see more designs (such a the Milking Stool), you have to visit

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