torsdag 31. mars 2011

Phat Knits

This is the Phat Knits series, and it is designed Bauke Knotterus. This series consists of furnishing witch is made out of giant threads to knit or just create different knots and shapes. the Phat Knits series has a lot of relaxation furnishing, and these do look really comfy to hang out on, sit on, lay on, sleep on, sit on, etc.
There is a lot of different pieces and variations of the Phat Knits, and one of my favorites are the blue hang-out furniture on the picture above. You can roll it together when its not in use, and roll it out when you want to relax and hang out. Also, it reminds me of a classic blanket but a lot more comfortable and thicker layer of fabric to sit on. It is also very cool that its actually knitted, and that you see the masks and the pattern it is knitted in. I would really like to know how they managed to knit with such thick threads!
To see more variations of these fun Phat Knits, you have to visit

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