mandag 2. mai 2011


This chair is the Replis and it is designed by Daniele Lago in 2011. The concept of this chair springs from the idea of a fabric that functions like a human skin that one can stretch and shorten. A special internal mechanism makes it possible to lengthen and shorten both the seat and the back rest, independently of one another. The back rest can also be reclined all the way to a horizontal position, transforming the Replis into a bed for the night. 
I think the Replis looks so comfy and lovely to just sit or lay in. It is a huge plus that it is multi-functional and can be used as a guest bed or a daybed if you need it. The color of the fabric is very neutral, which is great because of the chunky design with the pillow-like surface. I think a lot more people will fall for the Replis in a light grey color than if it had a bright color. I overall like what I see, and I would be eager to relax in this chair if I had it at home. If you want to read more you can visit

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