torsdag 26. mai 2011

Cream chair for Calligaris

This colorful beauties are the Cream Chairs and they are designed by Mr. Smith Studio for Italian manufacturer Calligaris. These chairs are inspired by the popular summer treat; creamsicles! The design aims to build a bridge between wood and plastics with the whole project playing around the connection between the chosen materials. The seat and back of the chair are composed of restilon, a thermoplastic polymer which is mounted into a natural wooden structure.
I like these chair a lot, and I love the colors the designers have chosen on the plastic seats and backrests. The light wood is a beautiful compliment to the colors, and I just get a good vibe looking at the chairs. The Cream chair would be perfect for a dining room setting, a kitchen table or as a side chair, and i would certainly brighten up any room. You could choose to have the chairs in the same color or be daring an use different ones. What ever you would choose, I'm sure it would look great with these good looking chairs!
If you would like to see more of the Creme Chairs or the design studio, you have to visit

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