lørdag 14. mai 2011

SMP Lamps

These are the SMP Lamps and they are designed by Sergio Mendoza at Domaine de Boisbuchet. These are a limited series of lamps which are made out of different materials that we don't really associate with home furnishing, materials that otherwise would have been thrown in the garbage or burned. That makes every SMP Lamp unique and special.
One of the materials that are used for this lamp, is are the wooden crates that fruit and vegetables are delivered in daily. The idea was to reuse this material instead of burning it, and making it the main material for these lamps. Also, this lamp is built in less than 60 minutes, and therefor use up less effort and resources than other lamps would during the production process. I really like the appearance of these lamps, and the fact that no lamp is made from the same material or looks exactly the same. It is a big plus that it is environmentally friendly, and why not use the materials that we already have that are considered as "garbage"?
If you like this lamp to, and want to read more about the designer or the product, you have to visit www.sergio-mendoza.com.

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