fredag 6. mai 2011

Hobo lantern + bag

These bags hanging from knobs on the wall are not only a family of bags and knobs, they are also sources of light. The Hobo lantern + bags are designed by Molo Design and is inspired by the urban nightlife of Zona Tortona during design week. The Hobo lanterns come to life with an energy-efficeient LED light source that is glowing through the translucent fibers on the bags. 
"This natural felted wood bag is perfect for day-to-day use and is available in natural heat herded grey pr black. The elliptical base transitions to meet in a straight line at the bag's opening which fastens with hidden magnets. This geometry creates a generous three-dimentional volume that is both visually unique and practical its capacity." says the designer. Due to the bags soft construction it is comfortable to use as a over-the-shoulder bag for carrying heavy things or a handbag for smaller thing.
The cork pegs are constructed to have either the Hobo lantern or the bag hanging from them, but also other things such as jackets and sweaters or small tools and supplies. It also come with a magnetic mounting system. I like that the pegs are so long, so you feel that what ever you are hanging from them won't slide off. The Hobo lantern + bags look nice, and its a fun idea to use the bags as a light source. If you want to read more you have to visit

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