mandag 16. mai 2011

Clip Chair

These chairs are called the Clip Chairs and they are created by designer Sebastian Herkner Studio for De Vorm in 2011. De Vorm is focusing on the environment, so this chair is eco-friendly and does not waste any materials during the production process. These chairs are made out of selected ash wood and vinyl, and are high-quality and detail-oriented. "The idea behind the Clip is the coloring of the attachment between the back and the legs of the chair, whereas the color stands in direct contrast to the wooden elements." says the designer.
I really love these chairs! Their appearance, their form and the way they are produced. One of my favorite colors are blue, and the fact that all they chairs are in a blue-ish tone makes me like them even more. The small black details on the backrest is the icing on top, and I can't point out one thing I don't like about these chairs. The Clip Chair is one of my new favorites, and I would really like to own a whole set of them!
If you love these chair as much as I do, want to read more about these chairs or the designer, you have to visit

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