fredag 27. mai 2011


This is the Furo and it is designed by Fernando Brizio for Materia. This is an object that really does not have an important function, but a fun one! It makes a beautiful pattern with colored pencils, and it is a great crayon-holder that looks really good. It explores the idea of a main cork centerpiece whose purpose and function is enhanced through the use of legs. Furo is made out of agglomerated cork and you need colored pencils to use it. The measurements are 255mm x 286mm. 
For more than a year ago the portuguese cork manufacturing company Amorim approached Experimentadesign for a collaboration in designing a product. They wanted to make something to bridge the gap between the raw natural material and user, by creating objects for everyday use. The companies chose ten portuguese and international designers and studios based on their creative processes, playing close attention to their functionally and relevance. It was first presented to the public on the occasion of Milan Design week 2011. 
If you would like to read or see more about Furo or the designer, you have to visit either or

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