onsdag 25. mai 2011

Marginal Notes

This is a collection from Note Design Studio and its called the Marginal Notes. This collection consists of seating, lighting and storage pieces, which all have popping and bright colors. The inspiration behind this collection came from the small doodles and sketches they found in the margins of their notebooks. The ones that occur intuitively and which are often disregarded and forgotten. They decided to play around a bit and took some of their sketches and transform them into reality. 
This is the Tembo stool and high table. In Swahili "tembo" means elephant, and the inspiration for this name comes from the fact that one of the elephants legs always remains on the ground while walking. Due to their straight legs and pad-like feet, they have the ability to stand for a long period without getting tired. The Tembo table are stool is a construction of wooden, cork and metal elements, of combined hybrid shapes which overall take on a thickness in form similar to that of an elephants leg. 
These two lamps are called Yesterday Island (the orange one) and Tomorrow Island (the mint one), and the inspiration for these lamps came from the forms of the Diomede islands located in the middle of the bering strait, situated between Alaska and Siberia. It was their awkward man-made separation that was a starting-point for the group. They are sometimes called "Tomorrow Island" (Big Diomede, Russian territory) and "Yesterday Island (Little Diomede, US territory) as their difference is 20 hours apart, even though they are as close as 3 kilometers from each other.
I could not find a name or description for this one, but it is actually my favorite! I guess these are vases or  candlesticks, and the things I like about them are the pastel colors on the top and the wooden base. I also like that the different colored ones come in different sizes and shapes, and I love the group together as well as apart. Beautiful, simple and special at the same time. Not bad for being a doodle in the margin of a notebook, huh? 
This last design is called the Half-time Object, and I do not know what this is. Judging by its size, I think it is either a side-table or a stool, but it is not finished in process yet, and is not ready for using. This is one of the prototypes and sketches Note Design Studio developed during their process. They are considered the early seeds that influence the final objects. Though they are not fully functional yet, they were the catalysts for the collection and could be developed in to working pieces eventually.

If you want to see more pictures of the pieces in the Marginal Notes collection, you have to visit www.notedesignstudio.se.

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