tirsdag 10. mai 2011


This fun little desk and reading lamp is called Beam and it is designed by Holm Giessler for Halloessen in 2010. Beam combines direct and indirect light, that obviously makes it a comfortable working lamp and also a better light source. "By using one precise spotlight based at the top of the lamp and another, in central position, illuminating the ground, in one time you are able to set an ambient – and a spotlight. The combination of glas and powdered metal causes that beam seams to hovering on his own light spot." is the description from the website.  
What I like about the Beam is not only the unique design but also the practicality of it. The fact that you get both the direct and the indirect light gives you the opportunity to choose which setting that is most comfortable for your eyes right then and there, while your working or reading. I also like that you can in in both white glass and yellow, and that the black spot on top is such a nice contrast to the rest if the design. If you like this Beam light and want to read more, you can visit www.hallo-essen.com.

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