mandag 23. mai 2011

Clamp Chair

These colorful lovelies are the Clamp chairs and they are designed by Andreas Kowalewski. The designers intention was to design a comfortable yet simple wooden chair, which reveals the beauty of the wood material and the skills of the craftsman. The Clamp principle shapes the chair consistently and determines its character, by interlocking the legs, corpus, seat and backrest structurally as well as visually and forms eventually a seamless unity of all elements. This chair is made from a single piece of molded plywood and the upholstered backrest embraces the body of the user like a shell. In other words, this chair is made for comfort!
I really love these chairs! I think the colorful textile on the seat is so wonderful, and the different wooden bases of the chairs that match the colors you choose for your chair perfectly. The structure of the chair is very eye-catching and I like how the whole chair just flows together in a wonderful composition. The structure details are stunning, and all in all this is a really artistic chair. I would love to own a couple of these chairs, and I would use them either as dining room chairs or side chairs. I really like the blue chair the best, because I'm a bigger fan of light wood than dark wood. The wood is high quality, and each of the wooden parts of the chairs were carefully selected in terms of coloring and grain. 
Oh, these wonderful sketches! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I just love them, and I think it's so fascinating to see what the idea process of the designer was. Do you agree? Either way, if you want to see more from the designer or more about these chairs, you have to visit

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