lørdag 30. april 2011


This desk is called the Slope and it is designed by Thomas Jenkins for Jenk Design. It is an occasional desk for the home and for those who are working at home or from the home. What is great about this desk is that the angled top gives a more ergonomically correct working surface and makes you more effective and comfortable while working. It has an opening storage area with two "rooms" which is supposed to give you a physical barrier between your work things and private things. 
There are multiple great things about this desk, and one obvious reason is that the storage area makes your workspace less cluttered and you always know where you have put your things. The desk come with two accompanying wedges that keep your drink level while working, and stops your pen from rolling away from you. The desk is, in other words, perfect for working and perfect for leisure time. It is made out of a mix of birch veneer MDF and plywood and the legs are solid maple.
I actually love this desk, and it is ideal for someone like me who work a lot on the computer, but also uses pen and paper for drawing and sketching. I love the shape, the storage, the function and the material, - really, what's not to love? If you love it too, and want to learn more about Slope or the designer you have to visit www.jenk.no.

fredag 29. april 2011

La Grande

This fun little room lamp is ironically called the La Grande, and it is designed by Reinhard Dienes. It has an adjustable lampshade in both position and direction so that the long lampshade can direct the light either on the floor or on the ceiling. 
As you can see, you can get Le Grande in a lot of different colors, but the base remains walnut with what ever color you would chose. I think this lamp is very fun, and I like the long a adjustable lampshade a lot. If you want to read more about this lamp or the designer you have to visit www.reinharddienes.com.

Popping Pink

This hot pink is definitely one of my favorite colors for the spring, both in clothing and interior! It just makes everything look so fresh and bright, and it pops out of the pictures. Don't you agree? The hot pink really compliments the bright yellow and the aqua toned blue, and its girlish, fun, bright and hot. Who can dislike that?

Spinning Light

This is the Spinning Light and it is designed by british designer Benjamin Hubert. The designer got inspired by the spinning-top toy and the process of metal spinning for this lamp. The lamp is made out of spun aluminum and finished off with a colored gloss paint. As you can see, you can get it in black, white and purple. 
What I like about this pendant is the classic look of it, as well as the different sizes and shapes you can choose from. I love the natural and organic shape, as well as the glossy finish with the colored paint. I like that you can get different colors, sizes and shapes and personalize them by hanging them in a group and exactly as you want them. 
If you want to read more about this lamp and the designer, you have to visit www.benjaminhubert.co.uk.

torsdag 28. april 2011

Branch for clothing

I found this picture on weheartit and I thought I would show it to you! This is such a great idea, and if you like to have your clothes on display this might be something for you. Paint a branch in a color you like, hang it from the ceiling with a couple of lines, and hang your clothes, belts and accessories on it. It looks a lot better than a normal clothing-rack, and inspires for creativity and bringing nature inside your home.

Prism Stool

This is the Prism Stool and it is designed by Gregory Buntain. This stool is made out of repurposed Walnut, and it can be used either as a stool or a side table. The intricate pattern on the stool is formed by the triangular scraps, which also are the stools legs. 
I think the Prism Stool is very unique, and I always like it when natural wood is presented beautifully, and in this case it is. The interaction between the different tones of wood is so pretty, and its very eye-catching that they are divided in a triangular pattern. Also, it is very cool that the three legs are slightly shaped inwards on the bottom, so that the legs also have something special to them. 
If you want to learn more about this Prism Stool or the designer, you have to visit www.gregorybuntain.com.

Natta Bedside Table

This is the Natta Bedside Table and it is designed by Thomas Jenkins from Jenk Design Office. "Natta" is slang for "god natt" which means "good night" in norwegian, and I really like this name (because I'm a patriot, ha-ha). This bedside table has an integrated light, and because the wall will react as a reflector it creates a soft light, which will be perfect for reading in a sleeping environment. The amount of light emitted can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the stand and the wall, and you turn the LED light on and off by a pull cord hanging on the right side of the stand. 
You can get the bed stand in either a simple table top or a thicker table top with a small drawer. Both are made out of birch plywood and have a stable steel base finished in black. I think this bedside table is very beautiful, and I like that the table has integrated light that is fixed for perfect bedroom lighting. I like both of the additions of the table, but a may favor the one with the drawer because of the practicality of it. Its always nice to have somewhere to the book you're reading or what ever you usually keep in your bedside table. Also, birch is one of my favorite wood types, and the light appearance of the whole piece is so suiting for a bedroom scene. 
If you want to read more about this bedside table or read about other designs you have to visit www.jenk.no.

onsdag 27. april 2011

Bambi Chair

This is the Bambi Chair and it is designed by Studio JuJu. This chair is made out of Beech wood and fabric upholstery in a beautiful blueish grey color. This is what Studio JuJu had to say about the Bambi Chair: "We wanted a backrest that is inviting to touch. Bambi has a welcoming handle and a generous low seat. We kept in mind the texture of the wood and its construction, creating a continuity of the handle to its legs."
I like the way the fabric compliments the light wood, and how the both go so good together. The rounded back/handle makes the chair look really organic and the words that comes to mind is simple, elegant, natural and comfortable. I might not make this my pick for a dining room chair, but it would be perfect as a side chair or just for decoration. 
If you like this chair too or if you just want to look at more of the designs, you have to visit www.studio-juju.com.

New Standard Table

This is the New Standard Table and it is designed by Fredrik Paulsen. "A table for work and meetings. A minimalistic, yet monumental design that relates to early french modernism and russian suprematism." is the description of this table from the website. The special thing about this table is not only the appearance, but that each leg consists of an outer part that holds and frames the surface, and an inner part that connects the top and provides stability. Also, the inner part can adjust height which enable user to add a glass sheet or change for a different top and still get the parts to flush.
I really like the industrial feel of this table with it's white legs and dark tabletop. I like that the legs are so noticeable and at the same time so classic and simple. The golden studs are a beautiful detail that makes the whole table feel complete, in my opinion. Industrial, classic, beautiful and special.
If you want to read more about this table, look at other designs or learn more about the designer you have to visit www.fredrikpaulsen.com.

Put your interest on display

A lot of people have hobbies and interests that enquire a lot of things to enjoy them. It might be photography, it might be drawing or it might be sports. In the picture above, someone obviously loves music and decided to put all their LP-records and CDs on display, as well as their record player. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that you have to keep things like DVDs, CDs (or what ever you collect) hidden. Why not put them on display? Find a nice way to store them out in the open so that you can enjoy them every day. I think this is such a beautiful picture, and it shows that you don't need to put your favorite things away. Show people what you love! 

tirsdag 26. april 2011

Le Belge

This multifunctional piece of furniture is the Le Belge and it is designed by Reinhard Dienes. The reason I call it a multifunctional piece of furniture is because it can be used as a couch-table, night-table, auxiliary-table or sideboard, - really a table for all use. The principle of this table is elasticity of wood, and the Oak it is made from permits a simple and astonishing way of securing the table-top and legs together with the butterfly-screws. 
One of the things that is so great about the La Belge is that on tools are needed for setting up and adjusting it. An other thing is that the butterfly-screws allow you to vary the hight of the table-top to any position you would like. The different size table-tops can be combined with one set of legs, and the table-tops can be turned over due to the angle of the cutouts. If you follow my blog, you might already know that I'm going to mention that i like the color of the butterfly-screws? They pop out, and make this table a lot more fun and special.
If you want to read more about the Le Belge or the designer, you have to visit www.reinharddienes.com.

Platypus Chair

This beautiful wooden chair with a dash of color is called the Platypus Chair and it is designed by Studio Juju, and i love it! "This chair is inspired by the littlest things we carry out all the time, we wanted to create a chair where the user can fill himself into its space, and find something to do." is the designer's description of the chair. It is made out of Beech wood, and has the one arm painted in either a light blue or a medium grey.
As I said, I really love this chair. I always find myself liking furniture with a plain or neutral base with a little something extra to it. This chair has that in both color and structure. The chair stands out in the way it is constructed, in the lines and in the little color armrest. I can't find a thing that I don't like about this chair, and so this has become one of my new favorites. 
If you like the Platypus Chair as much as I do, I would recommend you visit www.studio-juju.com!

Splash of Color

A beautiful splash of color for your inspiration today! I love how the light brown colors in the background resembling trees in the woods, and the bright colors merging up from the ground all around. Pretty, pretty, pretty. 


This is the Pentagon table system and it is designed by Itamar Burstein. "Furniture elements composed of the interlocking of five identical elements made out of solid wood." is what the description on the website says. The shape of the middle of the table-top fit perfectly with the pentagon legs of the tables. You can get them in either light wood or black.
I think this table would make a beautiful side-table in any home. I love that the legs are shaped and twirled around each other and make a perfect pentagon. If you want to read more about this Pentagon table system, you have to visit www.itamarburstein.com.

Origami Sofa Bed

This is the Origami Sofa Bed and it is designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia. This sofa can be turned into a bed, and looks great either way! It is made out of soft leather or upholstered leather in caramel. As you can see, the name Origami is fitting because the shape and the texture resembles an origami figure. I like the appearance of this sofa bed, and it is so great when furniture are multi functional. If you want to learn more, you can visit www.cattelanitalia.com.

mandag 25. april 2011


This is the Grasshopper chair and it was designed by Wieki Somers in 2010. This beautiful metal chair made from aluminum and steel has a amazing mint color which is powder coated on it. I think this would be perfect for outdoors use, and would brighten up any garden! If you want to read more about this chair, you have to visit www.wiekisomers.com.
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