mandag 31. januar 2011

All White

I have talket some about the use of color in this blog, but here is a picture that shows how wonderful it is for the eye when a room is neutral. In this case, white. The picture is taken by photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt, and I think that the light and styling in this picture is both delicate and beautiful. The trick is to find white objects with different structures and surfaces, so that all the different things still can stand out from each other. But remember that white is not always white, and we all know that white and off-white is not the best match... You are good if you can get away with all whites. Love it!


These lamps are called Bagalight and they are eco-friendly lamps, made of paper bags and light bulbs. You can get them in both tablelamps, desklamps and ceiling lamps, and is produced by Liquidesign. I think this design is pretty cool and I think it's great that they consider the environment.. But I'm skeptical of how fireproof this lamp is! Lightbulbs against the paper isn't the best combination in the world, but I guess that is something they have thought about and found a solution for (I hope). Anyway, it's always exciting when people dare to think outside the box!

søndag 30. januar 2011


The Cushionized Sofa is a sofa designed by Christiane Hoegner. The sofa was designed in 2008, and the idea behind it was to take a small item of the couch, the pillow, and making it the main element behind the furniture. The sofa is available in all white and in and other design where the entire couch is made of pillows in different colors, prints and fabrics. Visit to see more of the Cushionized Sofa and other designs. 

Take Care

6 billion plastic bags are used every year in the UK. The envirionment suffers enormously from it, so please take care! And use this bag and save the nature.

Creative Macintosh

Wall-E og Eva
Man with applehead
Baby Mario og Yoshi
Snow White with the poison apple

I think that Apple has really cool products that look very good, but to make your items more personal, you can get these stickers to put on. I've posted pictures of some options that I think are cool, and my favorite is Snow White. I would like to have that one on my Mac. There is a big marked for these kind of things, and there are a lot of companies who sell stickers over the internet. The stickers are available for other Apple products like iPod, iPhone and iPad. 

lørdag 29. januar 2011

Pure Color

Most people have probably heard about Jotun and their new paintseries LADY Pure Color. The paint is very durable, won't scratch and has a matt finish. They have also created an entirely new colormap with very nice colors in it. Some of my favorites are the ones shown above in the picture, and some of the gray ones. I also like the styling for their catalogue. I like it a lot that the surface has a matt finish, and I think that more and more people will discover this type of paint. Visit to more of the colors. 

fredag 28. januar 2011

A hint of blue

I found this picture on weheartit, and I posted it because this is a good example of what a little color can do with an interior. The base of the room is in earth colors, the accessories are nice and the styling is tidy. But still, it's the blue writing on the wall that catches our eye. I think this color is very nice, and i also think it makes the entire picture a lot more interesting (a lot more than if "Keep Calm" wasn't hung on the wall).  Imagine if the writing would have been in black or gray? It wouldn't had been as pretty to look at, and the writing would have blended in with all the other things. A hint of color does a lot, and you'll come a long way a discreet use of color in your home. You don't have to go outside your comfort-zone and use bright colors as bright yellow and neon pink in every corner in your home, but try a small amount like shown in this picture. Everyone needs a little color in their everyday life!


Most people who are interested in interior design like to read interior magazines, - I love it! I read a number of different magazines, but subscribe to my favorites: Bo Bedre, Rom 123 and Elle interiør.
It almost makes me happy when a new magazine arrives in the mail, and I can read the same one over and over again, and I study all the pages carefully. I save all my magazines, and I'm gonna keep saving them.
They give med so much inspiration and new ideas in the profession i have chosen, and it's good to sit down with an old magazine when you need a little extra.

onsdag 26. januar 2011

Green Furniture

//Leaf Lamp 130 Pendant - Laget av runde, tynne deler av Bjørk, 12890, 18NOK
//Green Sofa - Kun laget med naturlige materialer, 100% ull og fjær, 9205,02NOK
//Sheep - Laget av en halv trestamme og bioskinn, 7362,43NOK 
//Leaf Lamp 80, 11047,6NOK //Be inspired Easy chair, ? //Blockshelf, 4602,51NOK //Fiction, 3677,26NOK 

If you're concerned about the environment, don't like to consume and like organic products, then perhaps Green Furniture Sweeden is something for you. Green Furniture Sweeden is committed to only use natural recourses, have a passion for recycling and giving back to nature what they have taken to use in their furniture. They use these principals through out the whole production process, from the planning phase un till the final product is finished. 

Teapot pendant

//Teapot pendant, Wavy //Teapot pendant, Tall //Teapot pendant, Round

These lamps are very special, because they are lamps made from teapots! The teapots are made of ceramics, but the light still comes through the pot. I think these pendants are so cute to have in the kitchen, and they proves that you can make lamps out of anything. 
The small teapots const 810 kr while the tall teapot costs 871 kr. Visit to look at the other special products they have!

Day Bed One

Day Bed One is a daybed made by Another Country. Day Bed has the same usefull-ness of regular singlebed, so it's quite comfortable to sleep on as well as using it as a bench.
If you remove the mattress it can also be used as a coffee table, and you can see in the pictures above that you can mix the pillows as you want. Day Bed One has a base made of european oak, and the mattress is made out of various natural materials and wool. 
The price varies between 9292NOk and 14432NOK (I don't know why it varies). Visit to see more of their products.

Vitra Book

One of my favorite books about interior design is a product catalog from Vitra, which shows all their furniture through out the ages. Each furniture has it's full name, picture and information, and even witch year it was designed.
A lot of it is designed in the 20's and 30's, which I think is absolutely amazing! It's fantastic how inovative some people are, and how much of Vitra's designs that are timeless. Vitra is one of my favorites, and one of Vitra's designers were Ray and Charles Eames. I love to look through this book!

tirsdag 25. januar 2011


The chair Edge is designed by Graph Paper Press for Johan Lindstén Form. The thing that is special about this chair is that when the light hits the chair the different angles of the chair creates interesting lights and shadows.
It is said to be surprisingly comfortable to sit in, and probably even more so with the pads as shown in the bottom picture. Visit to read more about Edge and other products.

Oeff Oeff

Oeff Oeff is a pendant lamp by Ingo Maurer. The lamp is made of glazed porcelain and is 8cm in diameter. 
You can adjust the angles and chose from 6 different notches, and you can adjust the length of how low the lamp is going to hang as you want. Visit to see more of his lighting.

Bears Cave

The french architect Paul Coudamy has designed this interior for the internet firm Beartech in Paris. They call the office The Bears Cave, and he has made a very special roof that goes all the way from the meeting room to the break room and on to the workspace. 
He has collected pieces of wasted wood and has created a cave-like feeling by putting wooden pieces in an organic, unstructured form and without any pattern. Nothing is impossible, and this is certainly as original as it gets!
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