onsdag 4. mai 2011

FildeFer Collection

This is the FildeFer Collection and it is designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Italian company Skitsch. This is outdoor furniture taken to the next level with its appearance, by making them resemble traditional indoor furniture. The furnishing has typical wire frames that are made out of iron rods, but in some way the designer has created a 3D look of the chairs and tables. Amazing!
I think that the details on the chairs are very impressive, and especially the quilt-like pattern on the backrest. I'm also very impressed by the designer who has managed to make iron resemble upholstery, and still maintain the functionality of the chairs and tables. The FildeFer Collection is available in gray, green, blue and white and I personally like the blue ones the best! If you would like to know more about this collection you can visit either www.alessandrabaldereschi.com or www.skitsch.it.

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