søndag 15. mai 2011

Flat Table Peeled

This is the Flat Table Peeled and it is designed by Jo Negasaka from Schemata Architecture Office. This table is actually the contemporary version of the traditional Japanese table with 8 legs, the "Hassoku dai". The table consists of a cedar plank with a colored epoxy resin finish (in either yellow or pink) which smoothes out the tables imperfections. This is a simple formula that gives the table a much more unique and special look.
I really think these tables are so fun and pretty to look at, and I like the fact that they have chosen to add a splash of color on each table-top. I don't know if I like the yellow or the pink best, because I think both of the colors are so fun and bright! You can get the table in different measurements so that it fits perfectly to what ever you are planning to use it for. Its always fun when a designer takes inspiration from a classic furniture and make it modern and current. This gives the buyer the best of both worlds, - what we love in the classical piece and the improvements on the new one. 
If you want to read more about the designer or the Flat Table Peeled, you have to visit www.sschemata.com.

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