torsdag 26. mai 2011


This smart puff-like object is called Cloud and is designed by UK-based Duncan Shotton. Cloud is actually a key-holder that easily fastens to the wall. Embedded magnets secure two sets of keys beneath the cloud to represent falling rain. Each cloud measures 97mm across and can hold items up to 220g. You can only get them casted in matte white jesmonite, so that the cloud can resemble a real-life cloud as much as possible. 
The cloud comes in this cool little box and is ready to be hung on the wall and holding your keys for you. This is a smart object that has an important purpose, and highly decorative at the same time. I would like to have this in my hallway, and its a lot cooler than an ordinary key-holder or a bench to put them on... It is simple, minimalistic and familiar, and I really like the idea of the keys representing the rain falling from the clouds. 
If you would like to read or see more of the Cloud key-hanger or the designer, you have to visit

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