tirsdag 3. mai 2011

Bottle Grinder

This is the Bottle Grinder and it is designed by Norm.Design for Menu. The Bottle Grinder is designed to intrigue your senses and leave you curious, with the silhouette of a water bottle. The salt and pepper holder has a perfect precision and will only sprinkle spices out when you grind and hold the bottle up side down. That way, you avoid marks of salt or pepper on the table or in the kitchen.
I really like the design of this salt and pepper grinder, and I like the fact that it is shaped like a water bottle with a cork on top. Why not have designer appliances in your kitchen, even though its a small accessory such as a salt and pepper grinder? I also like that you can get them in either black, white or blue so that you can chose the one that matches your kitchen or dining room the best. The design is clean, sharp and organic and I'm sure that they will match almost every home. 
If you would like to see more of the Bottle Grinder, you can visit either www.normcph.com or www.menu.as.

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