fredag 6. mai 2011

Crimean pinecone

This pendant is the Crimean pinecone lamp and it is designed by Pavel Eekra for EEKRA. The pendant consist of 56 plates and screws, without an internal skeleton holding the construction up. The plates are made out of natural wood maple veneers, and they are slightly transparent so that a small amount of light can shine through. The small space between the plates also make a particular pattern of light, which creates a beautiful light setting.
I tink the Crimean pinecone is a very beautiful pendant lamp, and I like that it really resembles a real life pinecone. What is special about this lamp is not only the way it is constructed (basically holding it self together) but the lighting it creates. I like it when a light source can create a special feeling and mood, and not only be there for lighting purpose. It comes flat packed and is said to be easy to put together, which is a big plus. 
If you would like to see more of the Crimean pinecone or other products by the designer, you have to visit

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