lørdag 14. mai 2011

Klem Seating and Morse Wall Storage

These pieces of furniture are designed by Margarita García Münzer and Pål Jacob Jacobsen; otherwise know as Tuyo Studio. They have just shown up some of their newest furniture to their collection and they are called Klem Seating and Morse Wall Storage. The Klem chair and bench are both made of American white oak and come with colorful wool pillows. These pillows are available in different colors and sizes, and as you can see, some of them are yellow, blue, pink and grey. 
The word "klem" actually means "hug" in norwegian, so I think thats such a cute name for seating with soft padding! I like that the natural, light oak goes so well together with the different colors, and the colorful wool pillows really brighten up the chair and the bench. I like the fact that you can mix and match pillows with different colors and different sizes, so that you get your seating exactly how you want it. Also the sleek and organic shape of the seating is beautiful to look at.
The Morse Wall Storage is mounted on the wall and is kind of a mix between a storage unit and and wall board. As you can see in the picture, you can put everything from papers to scarves in Morse, and you see right away that it is there (if you accidentally forget where you left it...). Like the Klem Seating, Morse is also made out of American oak. This wall storage is inspired by the language of morse code, and the textile ribbons that are woven through the modular boards can be re-arranged into different configurations to spell out hidden messages. This is such a fun idea, and again, I like that you can mix and match and get you wall storage just the way you want it. If you want to see more, you have to visit www.tuyodesign.com.

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