søndag 27. februar 2011

Cage Group

These are the Cage Group pendant lamps, and they are designed by Dare Studio. Dare Studio is newly started company that designs furniture, lighting and lifestyles products, and Cage Group is one of their products that I liked.
These lamps are made out of laser cut aluminum and is powder finished in the color you like the best. You can get them in the sizes small, medium and large, and you can also request when ordering what kind of finish you want on your lamp (witch is very cool). Obviously, these lamps are kind of industrial and have a very hard surface. The fact that the lamps have bright colors softens the whole expression, and I like it when contrasts are used in designs.
To look at more from Dare Studio, visit www.darestudio.co.uk

torsdag 24. februar 2011

Jon Goulder

I found these cool pictures on this website, and I found out that they're actually the product pictures for designer Jon Goulder
I had never heard of him before, so I looked at his page and found that he has designed a lot of furniture that is quite creative and also stands out. I love how he is daring with color, shape and structure, and if you have visited my blog before you might already know that I am very found of things with that little extra touch that makes something special. He has got it with his furniture.
I can't say that I love all of the furniture his made, but never the less, I thought this was worth showing you. To see more from Jon Goulder and more of his designs, visit www.jongoulder.com

onsdag 23. februar 2011


The Bloom series is designed by australian Christina Waterson in 2009. This series celebrates natural geometries and growth patterns, and she likes to play around with scale, materiality and combinations of different things when she creates furniture.
Christina wants her furniture to be cherished and to inspire to greater things, and she is also very passionate with using eco-friendly materials. The series includes stool, magazine rack and ornaments that celebrates natural geometrics. I like her collection because the shape of her furniture reminds me of origami birds and it is also very original and highly decorative! It's always fun when someone does something different, and she certainly caught my attention with these designs.
To look at more of her designs, visit www.christinawaterson.com.

Wall Clock

This is Wall Clock for Askul Japan designed by Katrin Greiling. I love this wall clock a lot because it's really unique, graphically beautiful to look at, and i love this shade of yellow. I like that the numbers on the clock have different motives to symbolize what time it is, and not just boring numbers that we see in other clocks. This  is really something else, and I would really love to have it in my home, in a creative room such as a home office or something. To see more of Katrin's great designs, visit www.katringreiling.com!

tirsdag 22. februar 2011

Paperboard Innovation

These pictures are from the Paperboard Innovation, and all the furniture you see in these pictures are made out of cardboard.
The makers are Alessandro Antoniazzi and Valter Davanzo and their website says: An encounter between art and design, an emotion fusion inspired by love, sculpded forms from the material itself, giving life to pieces and furniture made with environmentally friendly materials, such as honeycomb cardboard, embellished with printed pictorial images.
A lot of different designers have used cardboard as a main material in their furniture, but I have never seen so many furniture made of cardboard from the same designers, and I like how great they've made it look! This is, after all, something we consider as trash, and I like that someone sees the value of this kind of material. 
To see more pictures and to read more about it, you have to visit www.io10design.com.

Lisa Hilland

The collection "My granddaughter's cabinet" by Lisa Hilland
My Granddaughter's Cabinet
Generous Chair
Put A Spin On It Table
Pompon Pendant Lamp
Pompom Pouf

These pictures are from the swedish designer Lisa Hilland's collection "My Granddaughter's Cabinet". She got the inspiration from this collection from inherited family treasures, and learning from how they were made and techniques from manufacturing them. Kind of passing on old knowledge from one generation to the next. All of the materials for these furniture are natural, environmentally friendly and they are also carefully chosen for their ability to age beautifully. The main material in all these pieces are birch and naturally tanned reindeer leather, but she also used metal, ceramic and other types of wood. I really like the design of her furniture, but what I like even more is the thought behind it! Her website is under construction at the moment, but you can google her if you want to know some more.

mandag 21. februar 2011

Paper Alarm Clock

This is the Paper Alarm Clock, and it is designed by Joon&Jung. This clock is made out of paper, has a led timer and a knitted cord.
I like the look of it, and it looks really different from any other clock I've ever seen. It's not only original to look at, it's also environment friendly, because they used collected paper to produce it, and paper is a pretty natural material. That's always a huge plus!
To see more of Joon&Jung's designs, visit www.joonjung.com.

Soft Wood

This is the Soft Wood chair designed by Veronika Wildgruber. These chairs look at first glance like they have lovely, comfortable and soft pillows on them, but really, they are designed at sculpted by real wood.
Although, the seating is supposed to be as comfortable as a pillow. I think these chairs are really fantastic, and i love how similar the crafting is to real fabric! It really does not look like wood, and it certainly would fool me if I didn't know any better. I like all three chairs equally good, and I would like to have these in my home.
I don't know how comfy they are, but they absolutely nice to look at!
For more of Veronika's designs, visit www.veronikawildgruber.com.

søndag 20. februar 2011


These are the Facet Lamps and they are designed by Brendan Ravenhill. He got the inspiration for this lamp from the typical industrial light fixtures and they are manufactured as other metal constructions would have been.
These are, in other words, very industrial in both manufacturing and appearance. You can get these lamps in white, red, blue and in chrome, and in pendants, desk lamps and floor lamps. I like these lamps, and I like the blue ones the best because it's my favorite color.
To look more at the Facet lamp and other designs, visit www.brendanravenhill.com.

lørdag 19. februar 2011

Chunk Wall Tiles

This is something we see more and more as a trend within interior design, wall decor for the home. Before we could only see things like this in public buildings, but more and more people are liking the idea of having decor in their home (and not only frames and paintings). 
This is the Cunk Wall Tile from Jason Phillips Design, and these wall tiles are made out of wood and metal. I like this a lot, and it could really spice up your home and this is perfect for a wall you don't really know how to decorate, but really want to. For more designs from Jason Phillips, visit www.jasonphillipsdesign.com.


This is the Oddstock Floored Wardrobe, and this was designed by LUUR in 2010. This wardrobe is made out of leftover floor that is set a side from big flooring jobs. 
To find new use for this material, LUUR came up with the idea to cut them up in different peaces and making a unique pattern on the front of the wardrobe. I love it when people can find new use for something that others see as trash, and this is really a beautiful wardrobe with a special appearance. To look at more of LUUR's designs, visit www.luurdesign.com.

fredag 18. februar 2011

Wooden Heap

It's not often that design surprises me, but Wooden Heap by BorisLab actually did! I found the top picture on a site, and I thought this was the strangest most uncreative thing I had seen in a long time.
I was going to post a blog about it with the headline "Can you call this design?",and post it's picture with it. Then i clicked on to BorisLab's website and I saw the other two pictures. It amazed me, and I love it! The thought of the designers were actually to get a reaction from people (a lot like the one I got) and then reveal the sham, and show that it's actually not what you think it is. 
This was designed in 2009, and the purpose of the Wooden Heap is for people to see beyond appearances!  Visit this page www.borislab.com and look at more exciting designs. Remember that things aren't always as they seem....
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