onsdag 11. mai 2011

Hopper Table

This outdoor dining solution is called the Hopper Table and it is designed by Extremis. This upgraded bench has a continuous white structure band and a warm toned wooden table top and seat bench. The Hopper Table is perfect for barbique-season and for long summer nights with friends. It is off course very durable and constructed to be left outside in any summer-weather. 
I like this outdoors furniture a lot, and I like that a lot of designers now are focusing on the outside furnishing and not only the inside. I like the contrast between the white metal and the warm wood, and the wood gives a familiar look which reminds us of the old-school benches that we find in a lot of parks and public areas. The shape and construction of the Hopper is a big eye-cather, and I like that the seating and table is bound together by this white wave of metal. 
If you want to see more of the Hopper Table, or read more about the designers, you can visit www.extremis.be.

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