tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Analog Group

This is the Analog Group and it is designed by Jonas Damon. Jonas is the Frog Design's Creative Director, and he came up with these three brilliant pieces to use with your Apple products. This is how he describes the idea- and building process of one of the pieces:
"Last summer I had some fun with my iPad, and built a wooden housing for it that was shaped like an old cathode-ray tube TV set, complete with the bump in the back. It found a nice following online, and also served as inspiration for a two other objects like it, rounding out my ‘Analog Group’."
This first one is called the Alarm Dock and it is an iPhone cradle that resembles an old-school flip clock. This is also a dock for your iPhone, so that you charge it while it works as a clock for you. You just buy a flip clock app for your phone, and it will look like the picture above. Love it!
This is the Radio Dock and it is a housing for either an iPod or an iPhone. It resembles an old radio, and is a portable dock. You just load your songs into your pod or phone, and the speakers in the wooden radio will work just as well as any other dock. Genius!
This last one called CRT and is the housing for the iPad. It is inspired by the old cathode-ray tube TV set, and I just love how Jonas Damon has taken such new and modern technology and put them together with familiar and classic pieces that once were high-tec electronics! I love, love, love the Analog Group, and I would love to own this series one day.

If you also love the Analog Group and want to see or read more about it, you have to visit either www.jonasdamon.blogspot.com or www.designmind.frogdesign.com.

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