mandag 30. mai 2011


This is the Sperpent shelving and it was designed by Bashko Trybek in 2011. What is special about this shelving system is that is is a modular system in which the user can choose the dimensions of the shelf and adjust them according to his or her needs. The shelf allows to combine and arrange the shelves to fit various interiors and spaces. The structure is plain and makes the product sustainable and easy to recycle.
What I like about this shelving system is obviously its great function and its abilities. The fact that you can change the dimensions and the appearance of the shelf as you like. The colors of the wires and the natural wood on the actual shelfs go great together and make the shelving look visually stunning in addition to the genius function. This shelf is bright, colorful and beautiful and a great piece of furniture for the indecisive person who likes to change their home a lot. 
If you would like to read more about this design or the designers, you have to visit

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