mandag 9. mai 2011

Happy Stool

This colorful stool is the Happy Stool and it is designed by swedish design team A2 designers. These stools are not only colorful, but stackable and therefor space-savers. The Happy Stools only have three legs that are made out of oak, and the top surfaces have different colors. You can chose between black, white, yellow, pink and green.
The stools have a creative and clean design, and the oak goes great together with every color the designers have chosen. You can use the Happy Stool as an extra seat or a small side-table, and they are never in the way because you can stack them on top of each other. These stools are perfect for someone living in limited space, or someone who just needs some splash of color in their lives. If you want to see more of the Happy Stool you have to visit

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