torsdag 12. mai 2011

Cheeky Boxes

These are the Cheeky Boxes and they are modular storage units designed by Lucie Koldová from Czech Studio for Process. You can stack these boxes any way you like to and create your own patterns and shapes. As you see, the boxes have different colors and shapes, but still - they all fit together how ever you would like to stack them.
I like that these boxes are so flexible, and you can make your storage module look how ever you want it to. If you want to change it, make it smaller or bigger or just change to refresh your home, you can do that in no time. It is so practical! This isn't really a new concept, but it is so nicely done and unique with the oblique angle on the boxes. I like the colors that the designer has chosen, and especially like the pop of yellow in some of the boxes!
If you like the Cheeky Boxes too, or just want to visit the designers website, you can visit

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