onsdag 6. april 2011

Ruché Sofa

You might remember me posting a blog and showing you the Ruché Bed a few days ago? This is the Ruché Sofa and it is made by the same designer, Inga Sempé. She used the quilted fabrics on this sofa first, and then got inspired to make the bed later in the same style. Inga says that this sofa is nothing more than an upholstered, quilted blanket which is draped over a simple wooden base. 
I think this sofa looks very comfortable, but I don't know how the quilted blanket stays on the wooden frame. I hope it is stuck in some sort of way, so that you don't slide down when you sit in it. That would be really irritating... Also I like the yellow one and the blue one, but I'm not a fan of the black and red one. I can't put my finger one the reason why, but it just doesn't appeal to me in the same way.
If you liked what you saw or you want to see more of the Ruché Sofa or the Ruché Bed, you have to visit www.ingasempe.fr.

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