lørdag 2. april 2011

Pronkkast Wardrobe

This amazing piece of furnishing is the Pronkkast Wardrobe and it is designed for Dik & Stijlloos by Mathilde Alders. This wardrobe is special because of the exhibitionistic twist, and its special storage and hanging systems. It allows you to enjoy your favorite clothes even when your'e not wearing them, and having them on display.
The shelves and hanging rails can be slid out from both sides to enable beautiful clothes to be seen, and all girls like to treat their favorite dress or top to be treated with the respect it deserves... Just kidding (sort of...). I like that theres a lot of hanging and storage, and the special features makes this a whole lot more unique and fun than a regular wardrobe.
Also the material and classic look of the wardrobe appeals to me, and will easily slide in with any other interior and home. This seems like a wardrobe that you can keep for a long, long time! I love this a lot, and I would like to have it at home. I love to have my clothes on display, and it is so cleaver with the opportunity to hang your bags and put away your shoes. 
If you want to see and learn more about this beautiful, amazing and surprising wardrobe you have to visit www.dik-stijlloos.nl!

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