onsdag 27. april 2011

Bambi Chair

This is the Bambi Chair and it is designed by Studio JuJu. This chair is made out of Beech wood and fabric upholstery in a beautiful blueish grey color. This is what Studio JuJu had to say about the Bambi Chair: "We wanted a backrest that is inviting to touch. Bambi has a welcoming handle and a generous low seat. We kept in mind the texture of the wood and its construction, creating a continuity of the handle to its legs."
I like the way the fabric compliments the light wood, and how the both go so good together. The rounded back/handle makes the chair look really organic and the words that comes to mind is simple, elegant, natural and comfortable. I might not make this my pick for a dining room chair, but it would be perfect as a side chair or just for decoration. 
If you like this chair too or if you just want to look at more of the designs, you have to visit www.studio-juju.com.

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