torsdag 28. april 2011

Prism Stool

This is the Prism Stool and it is designed by Gregory Buntain. This stool is made out of repurposed Walnut, and it can be used either as a stool or a side table. The intricate pattern on the stool is formed by the triangular scraps, which also are the stools legs. 
I think the Prism Stool is very unique, and I always like it when natural wood is presented beautifully, and in this case it is. The interaction between the different tones of wood is so pretty, and its very eye-catching that they are divided in a triangular pattern. Also, it is very cool that the three legs are slightly shaped inwards on the bottom, so that the legs also have something special to them. 
If you want to learn more about this Prism Stool or the designer, you have to visit

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