søndag 3. april 2011


This is the Hockerbank Seating and it is made by Berlin designer Johanna Dehio. Hockerbank means stool or bench, and that is exactly what it is. This furniture consists of several stools witch is supplemented by planks with cut-out holes, so that the stools can be transformed into a bench. Also, the round tables can be transformed into a hight table.
I think this idea is very original and creative, and I think the result is great to look at. I can see this in a scandinavian home surrounded by light colors and nordic designs. I like that the different stools have different surfaces, so it creates a fun combination instead of a monotone palette. I also like the idea of multipurpose, and I think the designer has succeeded with that.  
I like the Hockerbank a lot, and if you do too and want to read more, you should visit the designer's webpage at www.johannadehio.de.

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