lørdag 23. april 2011

What can fit inside a yellow, tiny box?

This tiny yellow box actually contains every piece of furniture you need... Can you believe it? It is called CASULO and it is designed by Marcel Krings & Sebastian Mühlhäuser. You can set it up in less than ten minutes and later repacked into the yellow box again without any tools needed. 
Inside the box you will find an armoire, a desk, a hight-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress. I think this is so unbelievably amazing, I don't have any words for it. This is perfect for students who have a limited space to work with but still would like to have furniture that looks great. This is so perfect because you can put it away when you need the extra room. This is brilliant! If you want to see how this is assembled you have to watch the video below: 

Again, I just think this is so amazing, and if you want to learn more you have to visit www.mein-casulo.de.

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