tirsdag 26. april 2011

Platypus Chair

This beautiful wooden chair with a dash of color is called the Platypus Chair and it is designed by Studio Juju, and i love it! "This chair is inspired by the littlest things we carry out all the time, we wanted to create a chair where the user can fill himself into its space, and find something to do." is the designer's description of the chair. It is made out of Beech wood, and has the one arm painted in either a light blue or a medium grey.
As I said, I really love this chair. I always find myself liking furniture with a plain or neutral base with a little something extra to it. This chair has that in both color and structure. The chair stands out in the way it is constructed, in the lines and in the little color armrest. I can't find a thing that I don't like about this chair, and so this has become one of my new favorites. 
If you like the Platypus Chair as much as I do, I would recommend you visit www.studio-juju.com!

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