tirsdag 5. april 2011

Hello, Yellow!

Look at these fresh and beautiful pictures I found on weheartit! I thought I would wright a little more about colors-use in the home, and also give you a few examples of how it can be done. I chose to show you some examples with one of my favorite colors; Yellow! 
All of these pictures have a few things in common, and that is 1: The use of accent color. 2: They all have the accent color yellow. 3: All of the rooms in the picture have a pretty neutral base, and that is a great trick to create a calm and balanced home, - even with the use of such a bright color as yellow.
There is a lot of different shades of yellow, and a tip is to play around with different yellow-tones to make the room a little more edgy. On the picture above they have chosen a bright yellow wallpaper with some white print on it, pillows with a little more of a dirty-yellow color and finished it off with the final touch of yellow wild-flowers on the side-table. You have to make sure that the yellow-tones do NOT clash, and that people can see that they are different on purpose so that it doesn't become distracting for the eye. We all want a beautiful and calm home, so that our guests feel relaxed and at ease when they visit us.
In my opinion the yellow really is a positive color that literally brightens up our (at least my) day. It will make any boring home a whole lot more special and unique with just a touch of it, and if your'e not "brave" enough to use this color on a big surface, start with smaller things like accessories and decorations. How about a cute yellow pillow, or a pretty yellow vase? Just remember to play around and see what works for you. You can always chose an other color you like or love, and find the one that suits your home the best! www.weheartit.com.

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