tirsdag 5. april 2011

Seraphine birdcage

This is the Seraphine birdcage and it is designed by Georgios Maridakis for Spell in 2006. This birdcage was inspired by the original environment of tropical birds, and it is created by cutting-edge lasercutting technique. It is rolled into shape by hand and then spraypainted with a high-quality metallic paint. You can get the birdcage in either blue, green or bronze.
I think this birdcage is so pretty with its gorgeous patterns mixed with the classic look of an old-school birdcage. I like the colors a lot, and I think this would be a great decorative piece without even owning a bird to put inside of it. To see more of Seraphine and other products from Spell you have to visit www.spell.com.

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