onsdag 27. april 2011

New Standard Table

This is the New Standard Table and it is designed by Fredrik Paulsen. "A table for work and meetings. A minimalistic, yet monumental design that relates to early french modernism and russian suprematism." is the description of this table from the website. The special thing about this table is not only the appearance, but that each leg consists of an outer part that holds and frames the surface, and an inner part that connects the top and provides stability. Also, the inner part can adjust height which enable user to add a glass sheet or change for a different top and still get the parts to flush.
I really like the industrial feel of this table with it's white legs and dark tabletop. I like that the legs are so noticeable and at the same time so classic and simple. The golden studs are a beautiful detail that makes the whole table feel complete, in my opinion. Industrial, classic, beautiful and special.
If you want to read more about this table, look at other designs or learn more about the designer you have to visit www.fredrikpaulsen.com.

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