lørdag 30. april 2011


This desk is called the Slope and it is designed by Thomas Jenkins for Jenk Design. It is an occasional desk for the home and for those who are working at home or from the home. What is great about this desk is that the angled top gives a more ergonomically correct working surface and makes you more effective and comfortable while working. It has an opening storage area with two "rooms" which is supposed to give you a physical barrier between your work things and private things. 
There are multiple great things about this desk, and one obvious reason is that the storage area makes your workspace less cluttered and you always know where you have put your things. The desk come with two accompanying wedges that keep your drink level while working, and stops your pen from rolling away from you. The desk is, in other words, perfect for working and perfect for leisure time. It is made out of a mix of birch veneer MDF and plywood and the legs are solid maple.
I actually love this desk, and it is ideal for someone like me who work a lot on the computer, but also uses pen and paper for drawing and sketching. I love the shape, the storage, the function and the material, - really, what's not to love? If you love it too, and want to learn more about Slope or the designer you have to visit www.jenk.no.

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