fredag 22. april 2011

Bunga Chair

This set of chairs and table are called the Bunga Chair and it is designed by Melisa Indra. It is a children's seating group with the shape of a flower (Bunga means flower), and her inspiration was to make kindergarden children sit comfortably in their seats as a group and not by them selves. 
The yellow table in the centre is the bud and the white chair around is the petals, and what is great about the group is that the seating fits perfectly around the table. This means that this group is perfect for compact living and small spaces, and can easily be tidied up. I like that the seating group is shaped like a flower, and that someone wants to create something fun and creative for children. I also like that this is adult friendly, with nice colors and structure. 
If you want to read more about this fun children's group you have to visit

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