mandag 25. april 2011

Float Pendant Lights

This is the Float Pendant Light and it is designed by Benjamin Hubert, and what is special about this lighting is the material and how it is made. It is made out of hand turned Portuguese oak cork and it is constructed from the waste product in wine stopper manufacture.  
I really like the Float Pendant Lights of numerous reasons. The first obvious reason is the appearance, and I like the very natural look that the cork gives with the contrast of the yellow insides. I also like that you can get the pendant in different sizes and hang them in a nice composition. The third (and maybe the most important) is that it is eco-friendly and that always is a huge plus! I like it when designers want to create something beautiful as well as environmentally friendly, and it makes the rest of us feel good when we buy something new for our homes.
If you want to read more about these beautiful pendants and the designer, you have to visit

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