lørdag 2. april 2011

Inspiration from Rice

I found these beautiful styling photos done by Rice for their inspirational shoot for spring 2011. I like Rice a lot, and as you can see they have a lot of decor and furnishing that is colorful and a little bit on retro side. 
These photos really give me a spring feeling, and I like the pieces and decorations that they have chosen for these stylings. I like the bright colors on the candleholders that they show in the picture above, the lanterns and lampshades, as well as the colorful and printed pillows in the green chair. Absolutely an inspiration for the outdoor area, and also the insides when springtime comes!
If you like some of the things you saw in these photos Rice has a page you can visit. So, to see more from Rice and to look at their products, visit www.rice.dk.

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