mandag 18. april 2011


This yellow, beautiful sofa is called the Pleats-Pleats sofa, and it is designed by Daniel Hedner from Imaginary Office"A sofa where precision steel meets handicrafts. Take a seat in a weave of clothed polyurethane foam, that wraps around a white powder coated steel pipe frame in a macram style. Technical foam produced and sponsored by Recticel." That is what Imaginary Office has to say about this sofa.
I think this sofa is really one-of-a-kind, and what I really like about the Pleats-Pleats is the knitted look of the surface and fabric. I think that a furniture like this would be a real eye-catcher in any home, and I like that it is so tiny and small in the structure so that the sofa doesn't become overwhelming. There is no secret that I like a little color (and yellow is one of my favorites) but I think that this sofa would appeal to a lot more people if it had a neutral color (such as grey or something in pastel).
If you want to see more of the Pleats-Pleats or Daniel Hedner, you have to visit

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