torsdag 28. april 2011

Natta Bedside Table

This is the Natta Bedside Table and it is designed by Thomas Jenkins from Jenk Design Office. "Natta" is slang for "god natt" which means "good night" in norwegian, and I really like this name (because I'm a patriot, ha-ha). This bedside table has an integrated light, and because the wall will react as a reflector it creates a soft light, which will be perfect for reading in a sleeping environment. The amount of light emitted can be controlled by adjusting the distance between the stand and the wall, and you turn the LED light on and off by a pull cord hanging on the right side of the stand. 
You can get the bed stand in either a simple table top or a thicker table top with a small drawer. Both are made out of birch plywood and have a stable steel base finished in black. I think this bedside table is very beautiful, and I like that the table has integrated light that is fixed for perfect bedroom lighting. I like both of the additions of the table, but a may favor the one with the drawer because of the practicality of it. Its always nice to have somewhere to the book you're reading or what ever you usually keep in your bedside table. Also, birch is one of my favorite wood types, and the light appearance of the whole piece is so suiting for a bedroom scene. 
If you want to read more about this bedside table or read about other designs you have to visit

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