fredag 18. mars 2011

Papela Lamp

This is the Papela Lamp that is designed by Meirav Barzilay. What is special about this lamps is that it is made from Tyvek and when you buy this lamp you get is all scrambled and crumpled up like a piece of paper. That way you can uncrumple the lamp and also re-crumple it as you like, and you get a lamp that has your own special touch to it. Also, it has minimal stitching and is hand-sewn. 
This lamp is white on the outside and bright yellow on the inside, but you can get it with different colors on the inside if you'd like. I think this lamp is really cool because of the way you can crumple it until you get the shape and look of the lamp that you want, and no Papela lamp will look the same.
If you want to learn more and see more from Meirav, you have to visit

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