tirsdag 22. mars 2011


These are the Plera pendant lamps and they are designed by DZstudio (Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di Filippo). The name "Plera" actually means funnel (trakt in norwegian) in Friluan (the language they speak in northeastern Italy), which is a very suiting name for this pendant. 
What I like about these lamps is the way that the porcelain and the wood goes so greatly together, even though they are huge contrast. I just like the feel and the flow about this lamp, and I can't really explain what it is about it that makes me like it so much. But fortunately you guys have eyes of your own, so you see how beautiful it is and can make up your own mind about what you think of this lamp... ha-ha! I also really like that you can chose which color you like, and I do love colors, but somehow the white one appeals more to me than the other ones.. And again, I don't know why.
But if you want to read more about these lamps and about the designers, you have to visit www.dzstudio.net.

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